Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy SBA attachments?

Salmon Buckets and Attachments is well renowned throughout Australia for its high quality and high industry standard. At SBA we value our community and the safety of our employees, each bucket and attachment are made to endure its harsh use and made by following safe and reliable practices.


What products do you sell?

The SBA product range covers a variety of applications, industries and machines. With each attachment designed and tested to suit the customers specification and application our variety of buckets and attachments are sure to suit your requirements.


Do you offer Aftersales Service?

SBA ensures that our valued clients continue to receive a high level of customer service and technical support upon completion of their attachment. Our customer service representatives strive to consistently deliver the best service possible. 


What bucket do I need?

Your bucket needs will vary depending on what application it is being used in. Common buckets and there uses and application are:

  • General Purpose Buckets are used for general digging and bulking out
  • Trenching Buckets are for specific sized trenches
  • Slope Finishing Buckets or Mud Buckets are used for loading trucks, final trims, batters and leveling ground
  • Rock Buckets are ideal for hard ground digging and excavation
  • Skeleton Buckets are used for sifting and sorting rocks and other sediment from dirt and other loose debris
  • Quarry Buckets are used for extreme, heavy duty use for hard, heavy materials of high capacity

Get in contact with the team at SBA for any inquiries where we can guide you to the correct equipment needed for your application.

What warranty does SBA offer?

Yes, SBA offers warranty. With all SBA buckets and attachments coming with a 12 month manufacturers warranty and Geith equipment coming with 3-year warranty on the chassis and 1 year warranty on all internal parts offering peace of mind on every purchase.

Is delivery available?

Yes, delivery is available. Freight within Sydney metro will have no added cost to your order. Outside this area freight will cost you and will vary depending on your location.

How To Measure for an Attachment

To determine what attachment pickup you need, there are 3 measurements needed to calculate what will suit your machine. These measurements are:

  • The diameter of the pins
  • The internal distance from each boss to boss
  • The distance between the pin centres

For a detailed checklist/ measurement sheet, please click here.

Is there finance options available?

Through a finance company, you will be able to finance a bucket or attachment at SBA and pay it off as you would like.

Can I customize the attachment to suit my needs?

At SBA we offer the ability for you to customise your attachment however you like and for whatever application you need.